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Wishing My Mother Wasn’t A Compulsive Spender

My mother called me today.  She chatted for a few minutes before saying, “I have good news and I hope you’re happy for me.” I wondered what could be so awful she’d have to ask me to be happy for her.  She … Continue reading

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We Is Addicted to the Web

I’m beginning to feel alone even though we’re in the same room.  The computer has this pull on me, my husband, our roommate.  Cujo gets home from work and before we’ve even begun to talk about his day, he’s plugged … Continue reading

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Broken Promises

Sometimes, I have a hard time believing that my husband and I are still married.  Not that we don’t like each other–it’s just that sometimes, we are on different pages.  More like we speak different languages.  We have difference concerns. … Continue reading

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I drank last night and almost gave myself a concussion

So I rarely drink.  Why I thought it would be fun last night, I don’t know.  But I did.  We had a 1/3 full bottle of white wine in the fridge, and I decided to help myself. My roommate and … Continue reading

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Damn, My Baby Got It Right On Valentine’s Day

Wild.  OUT.

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Does Your Life Ever Turn Upside Down?

Because mine did.  This week. My husband got a job back in Illinois–back near my hometown.  And, oh, do I feel torn. A part of me feel relieved to go home.  My time in Louisiana has been hell–there really isn’t … Continue reading

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So my husband knows about this blog.  I’m not sure how often he’ll read it–I’m thinking I have a pretty safe bet that unless I remind him it exists, he’ll probably leave it alone.  Guys are cool like that.  I, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Fungus-y Fishwater Out of My Salad Bowl!

Sick Discus Fish and My Favorite Salad Bowl I was tired this morning after my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day.  I hadn’t quite woken up when I shuffled downstairs and curled into the recliner.  Through bleary eyes I could … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day–Wait, Where Are You Going?

So my husband and I moved in with a roommate who just started a relationship.  She has been absolutely fixated on getting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her new girlfriend.  It’s adorable and sickening all at once.  It added … Continue reading

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